Rodrigues has established a reputation for its traditional agro-processed products. The agricultural and agro-processing sectors are important segments contributing to the island’s economic development.  The geographic position of Rodrigues comprises many advantages, namely pest and disease-free production, hence guaranteeing a quality produce ideal for exports.


With a view to further modernizing the agricultural landscape in Rodrigues, the Government of Mauritius and the Rodrigues Regional Assembly are working together towards creating an enabling business and investment environment. The overarching objective of strengthening and modernizing the island’s economy will be achieved by


  • transforming the agro-industry into an export-oriented commercial sector;
  • leveraging technology and agricultural sciences;
  • enhancing competitiveness and fostering forward and backward linkages throughout commodity value chains.


Much emphasis is laid on shifting from subsistence to cash crop farming and focus on value-added products.


Specific crop production (lemons, coffee, chilies and red beans production and processing) and animal farming have been identified as key activities which may be further developed for the island’s economic prosperity.


In recent years, Rodrigues has considerably improved the agro-processed products through enhanced packaging. Now these products fetch higher prices.