Cost of doing business

  • License fees

License fees in some sectors







Trading Professional

Amount (Rs)per year
Gite, Guest houses and other tourist Residences 2,000
Hotels up to 15 rooms 5,000
Hotels 26 to 50 rooms 15,000
Hotels 76 to 100 rooms 50,000


Restaurant with liquor 3,000
General Retailer 1,000
Agency for import & Export 5,000
Professional Firms  of  accountant,  business  consultant,  engineer  & Contractors 2,500


  • Cost of utilities




Amount (Rs)
Electricity Charges &Tariffs Commercial 6.0 per KWh
Industrial 3.3 per KWh
Water Charges & Tariffs Commercial
Cost of communication Phone tariff Rs 0.86 for the 1st minute, then 1ct per second
Internet tariff (Business) ADSL 512 kbps Rs 1,250 monthly