The sector is traditionally considered as one of the major economic activities of the island. It represents a substantial part of exports. The lagoon area is estimated at 240 km2. The island is encircled by reefs with wide shallow expanses extending out up to 10 km in some areas.

Its shallow lagoon constitutes a natural environment conducive for aquaculture of fish species that require shallow water. These include sea cucumbers, seaweeds, shell fish such as crabs, oysters, kono kono and sea urchins. Detailed technical studies will provide more information on water characteristics so as to determine the most appropriate species which can be farmed.

Opportunities exist in:

  • Fish processing
  • Aquaculture

The sector is expected to undergo major advances so as to build upon its solid bases and know-how for it to play a pivotal role in the development of Rodrigues and Mauritius in the context of the ocean economy strategy.