Rodrigues has the potential of becoming the ideal partner for Mauritian ICT-BPO companies focusing on high-end outsourcing activities.

Government has clearly defined its objective to build on the ICT sector in order to boost the economic diversification of Rodrigues by leveraging the sector in order to enhance the island’s standard of living.

Rodrigues will, therefore, be globally connected, benefiting from substantially higher bandwidth through a submarine fibre optic cable. 40 Mbps have been reserved for potential investors in the ICT sector.

Cost competitiveness [Link to document] is another advantage for outsourcing activities.

Rodrigues has a pool of qualified workforce with a language proficiency level similar to that of Mauritius. This makes the island a competitive location for the implementation of call centre activities.

In addition, the ICT centre of Excellence is already dispensing IT courses to Rodriguans and has the infrastructure to provide more advanced and technical courses.

The investment opportunities identified for Rodrigues in the ICT-BPO industry:

  • Call Centre activities
  • BPO non-voice – Data Entry
  • Limited Software Development, including Mobile Applications Development
  • Disaster Recovery Centre

Government has announced a dedicated SME ICT park in Rodrigues. It will serve as an incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs and trigger the creation of a full-fledged ICT/BPO industry on the island. One floor of 460 m2 has already been identified by the RRA in the ex-DBM building which will be put at the disposal of ICT-BPO companies wishing to set up in Rodrigues.