Renewable Energy

Rodrigues prides itself for its beautiful landscape and scenery. The aim is to develop the island in a planned way in harmony with its assets and with minimal impact. The current infrastructure in terms of roads and buildings is an indication of this objective.

Rodrigues has already adopted a policy of sustainability in terms of power generation. The island is harnessing good wind conditions since currently wind renewable energy is produced on two sites.

The 2014 National Budget announced regulations to liberalise the sale of electricity to third party consumers within well-defined developments. This measure enables the generation of electricity from renewable energy sources by private promoters for direct sale to third-party consumers (including tenants). Moreover, opportunities exist for Energy Efficiency Projects targeting large energy consumers and energy audit, management and advisory services.

Following preliminary research by the Mauritius Research Council, offshore wind farms may reveal a potential for large-scale developments in the waters of Rodrigues.