Rodrigues boasts white sand beaches, sites of natural beauty, and a significantly untapped potential for tourism and hotel development. The tourism sector, one of its economic pillars, attracts on average 70,000 visitors annually.

The region which is most suitable for such of projects is the east coast, namely at Pointe Coton, St Francois and Trou d’Argent.

Eco-lodges and sustainable fishing also offer significant scope for development. Rodrigues is home to several species of endemic tropical flora and fauna within a pristine environment ideal for tourists in search of eco-ventures.

The RRA has forecasted a two-fold increase in the number of tourists by 2017. In order to satisfy this influx, the island will increase its accommodation capacity and enhance its product offerings.

Opportunities exist in:

  • Small Boutique Hotels
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Marinas
  • Sports Tourism

Developments in the tourism sector are also synonymous with the authentic traditional and peaceful lifestyle cultivated by the local population. The island has that particular appeal to visitors preferring a simple, stressless and frugal living for their holidays.